D.I.Y. Superstore

D.I.Y. Superstore is one of the biggest retail D.I.Y. stores in South Africa, with a variety of consumer and wholesale products at affordable prices. Building contractors, farmers, craftsmen and plumbers all visit D.I.Y. Superstore for various kinds of building material and specialized information. Well informed sales staff are always at hand to recommend the best possible product for the project at hand.

Case Study

Seven Lemons was approached to create an online platform to increase the reach and extend the 24-hour quality service to an online audience. With an easy-to-use interface and responsive design we have placed 40,000 products online that can be searched and filtered with the greatest of ease.

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  • ClientD.I.Y. Superstore
  • IndustryHardware / Retail
  • ServicesWeb App / Website / Hosting / Bulk SMS
  • Website → www.diyfs.co.za
Mobile Website Seven Lemons
Online Web App Seven Lemons
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